What's Babu Music?  Well, the name came from our granddaughter Charley Rose Regan.  She calls me Babu & calls my wife Barb, BeBe.  We call her Charley, among other things --all good.  I also call Barb by many others names --again, all good.

     I've been playing music for something like 58 years (as of 2021), which is rather an ambigous statement, depending on how much time during that time was spent actually playing.   Nevertheless, the most frequent instrument, and the one I play with others, is the electric bass guitar.  Singing was never a part of my credentials primarily because I don't like singing while playing bass.  To me they seem to be two drastically different mental functions, but I've always been amazed when other bassists have no problem with it.  It seems I use my vocal cords when playing bass, and my fingers when I sing. 

      In the past, I only put voice to song when making a demo for others.  These, too, were essentially with that in mind.  Initially I wanted to surprise Barb (Moudge) with a bunch of songs I recorded for our 41st Wedding Anniversary (2019).  They were recorded with the intention of providing some of my favorite local musicians with demos, so we could record them in two of my favorite studios, Saturation Acres and Eight Days A week, operated by Brett Alexander and Brett Alexander & Paul Smith, respectively (and respectfully).  Then, I was hoping to take some money from the sale of our house to pay for all of it, but we came up quite a bit short on that score.  The only thing we downsized was space, not cost.  Perhaps one day...

      This list has grown considerably since that initial intention, and will likely continue until I can't because I can't stop.

       All of the tunes below were arranged in Band-in-a-Box, and then uploaded and processed through Cakewalk by BandLab and/or Reaper.  Click on the name of a song and be taken to a page with some yadda yadda, links to WAV & Video files (with lyrics) that you can listen to and/or download.  Or not.  I understand that this page is just a place to keep everything organized, and I will be pretty much the only visitor.  Still, there is an aesthetic fa├žade that covers my organizing.

12 Bars Blue* I'm Know It's Wrong* Show Me The Magic (reggae)*
Always Look On The Bright Side... I'm In It For The Minute* Sing A Song For Sick Spense*
Baby, Baby Love* I'm Talkin' 'Bout* Sitting In Limbo
Backroads* It's Me* Sojourn Soldier*
Back To The River* Knowing What We Know We Know* Someone Said Whiskey*
Back To The Rhythm* Learn To Rub Yer Soul** Somewhere In The Loss*
Bad Advice* Let's Try Some Blues* Somewhere In The World*
Bailey's Blue* Lifting Doldrums* Soulshine
Better Then Never* Long For The Season* Stand By Me**
Born Today* Look Like That* Start At The Stars*
Blue Monger* Loose & Lovely* Stuck In The Middle
Bump Me To The Top* Midnight Special** Such A Heavenly Woman*
Bring It On Home Midnight Train* Sultry Sway*
Cabin Rooftop Dance* Mixed Signals* Sweet Devilish Style*
California Stars** Mug-Slingin' Brawl* Take It Or Leave Me*
Celtic Kiss* My Babe** That Night*
Can't Afford Your Love* My Baby Don't* That Sadder Day Dance*
Choo Choo Ch Boogie My Girl** The Devil's Debutante*
Come On Down To...* My Girl Renewed** The Long Way Home*
Dark Days Are Numbered* My, My* The Main Street Moan
Did He Ditty Do?* Mystery Vibes* There's No Time*
Don't Know What It Is* Never Knowing Love* The River's Gonna Rise*
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Nobody Knows You The Price*
Don't Tell The Judge I Lied* Nothin' Never Happens* They're Coming*
Don't Worry None* Now And Then* The Windows Of Your Worries*
Down The Drain* One Night Away* This One's For The Ride*
Down The Road Of Life* One Night Away TWO* Time Will Tell (but who will listen?)*
Early Ages* Once I Had A Wife* To Know You Is To Love You
Everybody Knows Your...* On The Chop Truth In The Proof*
Every Conversation* On The Ferris Wheel* Use Me*
Every Thing You Do Is Wrong* P, B & J* Walking In The Garden*
Every Time I Do* Poncho & Lefty We Are The World
Every Woman Rainin'* We Were Alive*
Falling In Love Is Easy* Rock Me, Baby** What A Wonderful World
Fat Lady's Swan Song* Save It!* What A Wonderful World (other)
Fly Me To The Moon** Sails* What I'd Do For Your Kiss*
Frida Gough* Save The Last Dance For Me When You Walk In The Room**
Give Me Something* Sea Are Mist*** Wild World
Good Night* Sea Of Blues* Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow**
Hang Me See You Down The Road* Wonderful Tonight**
Heaven Only Knows Your Name* See You In The Morning Tonight* Wrong To Write*
How Can I Begin* Shanty** You Are Not Alone**
How Can I Say Goodbye* She Could Walk With Me* You Can Always Say Baby*
How Many Blues* She's The One* You Can Never*
I Didn't It* Show Me The Magic* You Coulda Fooled Me*
I Got It* Show Me The Magic (pop)* You're Driving Me O-O-Y Mind**
I Knew What It's Like*   Your Mind Is On Vacation**
I Know Blues*    

* Original   **I added some lyrics   ***Origianl Instrumentals

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