Time Will Tell (but who will listen?)

        This is an original song about the loudness of Time, and our joy in ignoring it.

        It's done here using Band in a Box, Reaper and Cakewalk.  Bill Davis played pedal steel guitar and accordion, Dave Bell of Blue Attitude supplied the solo, and I added bass and vocal. .

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Time Will Tell (But Who Will Listen)


Once in awhile when I see a child smile everything seems fine.

I can go on just singing this song as if no time flew by.

Everything seems to be going my way. Everyone says that won't always stay.

Some things go wrong to ruin my song. Is today gonna be that day?


CH: Time will tell, but who will listen? I'll be busy loving you.

In your spell there is no resistin', nor desire to, it' s true.

Time will tell, but only whisper, and life will block out the sound.

Time will tell, but who will listen?


Starting the day in my usual way leaving my worries behind.

Trouble be gone. I'm still singing this song despite the gloomy sky.

All of my dreams tell me life is okay. I guess it can't always stay that way.

Some things go wrong and ruin my song. Is today gonna be the day? CH


BR: Listen to the birds as they sing to the wind. Listen to the wind sing back.

Oh, take it all in and you'll widen your grin. It takes no special knack.