Go On Teasin'

       I really have little to know idea what this song is about, and neither will you.  Even the characters in it are uncertain of their roles.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 11  I added bass and vocal.

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Go On Teasin'

Right down the hill from Bailey's Farm

you'll see a path that takes you back

into the scarey woods that surrounds this town.

Then off the path you'll find a shack.

Knock upon the door, and you'll be glad I'm sure.

You're bound to smell the savoir faire.

The setting's mighty pleasin,' but that's not the reason you'll be there.

Go on inside but take your time. Make sure to keep an open mind.

The darkness has a knack to take wits away,

but through it all you'll find a sign.

Take the scary leap, but never fall asleep.

You'll dream about her bear, Babu.

If you came to find a reason, she'll likely go on teasin' till you do.

She makes the potions that will bring you to your knees.

She has a magic knack.

She stirs a tincture with some honey from her bees

ensuring her you'll be back.


She'll give you reason to stay another season,

and you'll be thrilled to abide.

You'll be glad you strayed from all the plans you made.

The shack's a hideaway for you.

When you feel you're losing reason, she'll likely go on teasin' till you do.

V-- E B A E E F#m A E

       A-A7 Bbdim G#m7 B7

       E -C#7 F#7 -B7 E-A E-B7


BR-- C#m-B A7 C#m-B A-B

         C#m-B A7 F#m-B7 Emaj7


END-- A A E-D# E (then turn around)