That Night

       This song is about that one special night that can propel a relationship into a exciting and long future.  That night for us was July 3, 1977.  Well, that was the first.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10  Dan Simmons of firesong music added strings and piano, and I added bass, vocal & keys.

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That Night -070377


There was that one night we talked till dawn,

then watched the rising Sun.

I knew before three I needed you, and you were the only one.

In the morning light you told me you feel the same way too.

So that's the night we fell in love.


When we got married we promised love

and never to forget that night.

We knew that we would live our life as one

and all would always be alright.

We look back through all our young years,

how love has pulled us through.

No, nothing can erase that night.


That night in Paris, that night in Spain,

that cozy night we spent in Rome...

Now every night we grow with what we found

that night we started out alone.

Now we wake each day and wonder what would our lives have been

if we had not have had that night.

INTRO-- A F#m7 Bm7-E7 A-E7

V-- A F#m7 Bm7-E7 A-E7

A C#m7 Bm7-E7 A-A7

D A-F#m7 Bm7 E

END-- Bm-C#m A-F#m Bm-E A%