Sojourn Soldier

        This is an original song about...  I don't know.  Maybe meditation.  Nah.  Maybe something about improving one's life.  Nah.  It's more ineffable than that.  Actually, I'm not totally sure, but believe the song is about traveling down to the depths of our soul/brain to remove all of the extraneous influences we've accumulated over the years --all the misconceptions, all the constructive mental errors that led us to false conclusions, all the misinformation our mentors and peers have intentionally or unwittingly passed to us, all the unexamined beliefs others have persuaded us to absorb-- and get back to the core of who we are.  Perhaps some correlations would be The Philosopher's Stone, Alchemy, and a form of yoga I forget right now.

        It's done here using Band in a Box, Reaper and Cakewalk.  I added bass and vocals.

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Sojourn Soldier

Drifting down passed the cobblestones to the crossroads of my soul,
I hear the Old One whispering, "Give up all control."
Deeper down I hear the sound. The Ancient One cries out,
"Check your mind at the gates this time , and cast away all doubt.

CH: Then you're gonna free yourself to be your Self.
You'll see that you were blind. It's Time for Space. You gotta waste your mind."

Further in there's a constant din, then Silence takes the stage.
It's loudness shouts the anger out and quiets fists of rage.
Inside my dreams there's harmony that promises great things.
A primal voice now makes the choice and sweetly it too sings.

CH: So it finally frees itself to be itself
and joins the sacred whole. No Time or Space within this soldier's Soul.

BR: Ever-unwinding inside out in search of lasting Truth
There's help along the way to guide one to improve.
All who've gone before my time will light what's there to see.
Stay the course, the way is clear. This soldier must be free.


Way inside there's a slip-and-slide, and a long way to go down
to reach creative visions that have suddenly been found.
Coming back to Reality with new hope within my heart.
The blindspots bright inside the light as the soldier plays his part.

CH: So I had to be myself to free my Self,
and craft a better way.
The Sojourn Soldier shines another day. The Sojourn Soldier shines another day.
The Sojourn Soldier shines another day.