One Night Away

      This is an original song written by me and Band in a Box.  BiaB has a feature that will write a tune according to user parameters.  In 2005 I suggested some, and this was essentially what it produced.  BiaB claims it doesn't want writting credit, so I make all the money from it.  So far that's zero, but I'm hoping for at least 10 times that much.  I, of course, changed it quite drastically, although this is pretty true to the original in many ways.  After singing the melody in my head for awhile, and on a night that Barb was away for some reason, I came up with the first verse in the shower.  That was all that was written until 14 years later --on ANOTHER night when Barb was away (AND) I got the newest version of BiaB. 

       It is done here using BiaB and Cakewalk.  This song REALLY needs a better singer.

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 One Night Away

One night away and the feeling still surrounds me, but you don't have a clue.
I tried to tell you but you don't know how far I fell for you.
REF: Maybe today we can steal away the sunshine to use the heat thereof,
and when it's all gone we can go on forever with our love.

BR 1: Some days we could stay warm in bed to hear the raindrops on the roof.
In some ways, you concede what I've said. There's no denying this simple truth.

You are the one who has taken all my senses, and trapped them in your heart,
and now I stare in trance-like wonder forgetting where to start.
How to begin a day without you with me is something I can't do.
So hurry home to get me started my Everyday with you.

BR 2: Some days we could roll out of bed to greet the sunshine with a smile.
The Sun's rays will shine straight on ahead, and keep us warm all the while.


One night away and my heart is running circles around this empty room.
I'm going crazy here just waiting for you to be home soon.
One night away is really one night too much, so please come back today,
and we could cuddle by the fire to love one night away.