Dark Days Are Numbered

      This an original song about how dark days are numbered both on the first day and the last. Mine were coming to an end, and his were just beginning.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10 Dave Bell of Blue Attitude played guitar, and I added bass and vocal.

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Dark Days Are Numbered (But what's the number?)

Dark days are numbered. He's gonna find out soon enough.

Dark days are numbered. She's gonna bring me back her love.

When she came into my life I knew, but I knew not what to say.

She was gonna be mine. I knew that much. I'd bring her home one day.

And he's gonna find I got the touch. She'll stay. My...

When he said he'd win her heart I knew she would say that she loves me.

He would walk away. Yeah, he would lose. Oh, he would surely see

No matter what he'd say, the one she'll choose is me. My...

I know some of you think I'm scared of losing my girl to him.

Well, he's the one who needs to fear what he has dared.

So let the fight begin.

Your dark days are numbered. Well, you know you've had your fun.

Your dark days are numbered, and tomorrow's number one.

Your dark days are numbered. Yeah, it's time you come undone.

Your dark days are numbered, and tomorrow's number one.

Because she brought me back her love.