That Sadder Day Dance

      This is an original, first recorded in 1991ish.  It was published by Mello-Dee-O-Dough-Music.  It is here redone using BiaB and Cakewalk.  I played bass and sang. 

       It's a song written about a 6-guy Super Bowl trip to New Orleans. 

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That Sadder Day Dance

One more round and we must fly away to New Orleans
Take a limo ride to the countryside overlooking Tennesse
We stop the bar-cart in the airport to refuel our aging souls
And by takeoff time we were outta line cuz everybody knows that

CH: You gotta step out on the town sometime.
Believe you me if you like.
So duck down on Bourbon Street when you get the chance
To go looking for that Sadder Day dance.

We land right into a jazz band. Oh, what a welcome they provide.
We got this far so we get two cars and in a high way we did ride.
We drive right by the Whoopie Cushion to the West Bank, or so it seems.
Check-in alive with a quick high-five, and take a cab back to New Orleans

cuz CH. w/
A horn man named Willie with his rockin' blues band was playin' at N

Bridge: Oh, that Sadder Day Dance, it isn't what it used to be.
You're takin' a chance cuz what you see is not all ya can get when your whistle's wet and forgets.

Maps for the West Bank drivers are a must if you go downtown.
Smelling tires burn after 4 U-turns, to Tipitina's we were bound.
The Neville Brothers could not invite us so we burned down the Cat's Meow.
Oh, Lord VJ said to look both ways if your're looking for that unholy cow.

Man, CH: You gotta {Fess-like dribble} sometime.
Believe you me if you must.
But don't put on your aligator shoes
When you're looking for that Sadder Day dance.

CH: Because Fess don't live here on Rampart.
No, Professor Longhair is gone.
But there's rumors in town he invited me down to chapparon N
[yadda yadda] I'm coming home to my Happy Day Dance.

& Mello-Dee-O-Dough-Music