Somewhere In The World

       A song about... oh, I don't know... some innate search for Eden maybe?

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10,  with  Dave Bell of Blue Attitude on guitar, and myself adding bass and vocals.

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Somewhere In The World


When you stand in line to pay for your gas

do you ever think the world should be free?

Maybe there's a soul somewhere in the world

who thinks a lot like you and me.

So maybe there's a sky where the air is still clean.

Maybe starched flags will unfurl.

Maybe o'er the fence the grass is still green somewhere in the world.


If there's ever going to be safe place

to let your children grow up knowing peace,

feelings have to change from careless to care,

and selfish ways have got to cease.

So maybe there's a land where we all live as one.

Maybe king's queens won't be pearled.

Maybe we'll all see that we all must belong somewhere in the world.

Change will come if we want it or not so it's better if we help it our way.

Time has come to improve or just rot. Go now. Or could we stay?


So maybe if we grow, we can live as we choose.

wanting nothing more that the merl.

Birds up in the air will give us our cues somewhere in the world.


INTRO-- C#m7 C#m7-E7 B G#7


V-- C#m7 C#m7-E7 B B

       C#m7 C#m7-E7 B F#7

        E B A B E B A G#7%

BR-- F#m7 F#m7 E E B B G#7 G#7%


END-- (F# F# E B)6 F# F# E D#m7 D#m7 D#m7%