Start At The Stars

         A song about creating for yourself without any regard for what others may want --doing it because... well, you can't help it. 

        It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10 Dave Bell of Blue Attitude played guitar, and I added bass and vocals.

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Start At The Stars


You can go so far starting at the stars and raising the bar to new heights.

And everybody knows the leader has no clothes, and moguls steal all the rights.

Create with inner magic, ignoring all the tragic folks who've lost the love of being strange,

and you'll be always smiling, appearing so beguiling to the those whose values always change.

REF: Start at the stars and show them who you are.

            You can go so far when you start at the stars.


Keep in mind there's nothing ever more than something you create inside your soul.

Cater to creation forget their expectation and listen to the drive that makes you whole.

You may not be famous, but fame is really aimless, and life is what matters most of all.

Inside you Truth is shining, and Love is what's defining you. Life is answering the call. REF


All the moguls'r' chasing after money, making music "you should hear,

while you're unrelating, happily creating magic music to your ears.

SOLO - Repeat end of 2nd V

REF: Start at the stars and show them who you are.

You can go so far. Just start at the stars.

END: To show them who you are, start at the stars.