Baby, Baby Love

      This is an original, first recorded in 1991ish.  It was published by Mello-Dee-O-Dough-Music.  It is here redone with Band in a Box and Cakewalk.  I did bass, some guitar and vocals. 

       It's another tune written about my wife, our growing love, and how every relationship should be babied.   The song starts out "late in September" (of our relationship), and, well, we made it to somewhere mid-november so far, and it's WAYYY better.  When it was written we were married only 11 years or so, and, as of this writing (2019), we've lasted 42 years.  AND it's still growing!

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Baby, Baby Love

It's late in September and it's time to remember
all the time that's passed us by.
You can go your own way and I can go my own way,
or we can give love a try.
Oh, baby I'm tellin' you this argument isn't new.
Let love find a way.

Remember? One day I noticed you and Tuesday
they told us two like us is hard to find.
So quickly the changes come and one day we'll live as one
if we don't change our mind.
Remember that lovin' seems to satisfy broken dreams,
and I still dream of you.

CH: So let's baby love. Babe, we gotta baby love.
Simply take our crazy love and cradle it as though
it's nothin' but a baby love. Babe, we gotta baby love.
Hold it tight, then maybe love will take root and grow.
And however clearly we can see that it's dreary,
we can see light up ahead.
I promised you roses and another day closes,
but my love you get instead.
Our love lies a' cryin' -oh, no, it's not dying. Maybe wet. Merely wet.


CH: Baby, baby, baby love. Baby it's a crazy love,
satisfied by making love, but this baby makes two -me & you.
Oh, Babe, we gotta baby love. Baby, let's just baby love.
Baby love then maybe love will grow into old age.

END: Baby love. My baby, baby love.

& Mello-Dee-O-Dough-Music