Fat Lady's Swan Song

      This is a song about bowing out after the final curtain call.  You know how it's not over until the fat lady sings? Well, I thought I heard her the other night. They say that swans sing most beautifully just before they die. My singing here proves it ain't happening for awhile.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 9Dave Bell of Blue Attitude played guitars, and I added bass & vocal.

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Fat Lady's Swan Song

Waking up in someone else's bathroom with someone banging on the door,

I stand to reason but I feel much like an old broom, and slide across the floor.

There's someone peering through the crack I left it open, They're calling out someone's name.

They're going to see how the mirror in here's broken. Of course, they'll cast me the blame.


CH: Oh, oh, the fat lady's singing my swan song. There's a flat note stuck in her throat.

She claims that nothing has gone wrong. She said "that's all she wrote" for me.

Sitting still I can hear some kind of music that sounds so out of place.

I wonder how the fat chick came to use it to wash away all trace

of everytning I have done and still hold sacred, of all beliefs that I hold.

My time is up. There's no time left to fake it. She says I'm just too old. CH


BR: There's a slice of sunshine streaming in here sometimes that brings a ray of hope.

She's trying to erase it, and I'm left her to face it without a way to cope. SOLO


There's someone peering through the crack in the mirror. I wonder who can it be.

It looks like me, but the features could be clearer. For those with eyes let them see. CH