Bailey's Blue

      This is an original.  It's a tune written about and old friend, Bailey.  He was a calm fellow with a calming personality.  He was also a dog lover.  He had recently lost his latest best friend, China, a Dobermann who long ago lost a leg on one of her adventures.  After burying her out back, Bailey sulked for months --as most dog lovers do at those times.  Soon an acquaintance of his from New York City asked if he wanted another dog.  There was a 9-month old Dobermann named Blue who was raised in the city and trained to attack anyone coming in the front door not accompanied by his owner.  Bailey hesitated, not because he feared the dog, but because it was "too soon." 

       He soon relented, or more likely Blue's owner's relentlessly begging him to reconsider finally caved his resolve.  At first, Blue was way more trouble than Bailey was ready for.  Nevertheless, Bailey remained himself, and Blue grew to really enjoy his new digs.  They died within days of each other ---Blue first. 

       It is here done with Band in a Box and Cakewalk, and special tracks by members of Blue Attitude,  Christiane Spruit on piano and Dave Bell on guitar.  I did bass and vocals.   

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Bailey's Blue

Bailey woke one day in a terrified state. There was nothin' left in store.

He just lost his 3-leg ol' friend China dog. Since then he kept on pacing on the floor.

He couldn't stand alone with only naught to do. So that's why Bailey's blue.


There came a loud knock on the kitchen door, and Bailey's daze went south.

Yeah, the knocker ran away but he left his dog to stay with a muzzle over it's mouth.

Nine months old and trained to give the guests a chew. Now he's Bailey's Blue.


CH: Bailey's Blue would take a bite of you. He must protect his sacred vow.

That Dobey dog just seemed to like to chew, but you should see the new Blue now.



Bailey stayed in stride in his own calming way. In time his Blue grew true.

They would laze around the house mostly lazy on the couch, so guests were all safe too.

Since then nothin' would go wrong; they were harmony in song, Bailey and his Blue.


CH2: Bailey's Blue will now invite you through the threshold right up to his couch.

That Dobey dog picked up on Bailey's cue with no more muzzle on his mouth. CH2


So now the 2 are true Bailey's Blue. Bailey's Blue. Who? Bailey's Blue. (That's) who.