Walking In The Garden

       There is a theory that we were never kicked out of Eden; we merely lost the ability to recognize it. 

       This song is presented here with the help of Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10  Dave Bell of Blue Attitude played the guitar, and I added bass, keys and vocals.

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Walking In The Garden

Walking in the garden always takes away the blues.

just strolling through the plants and trees.

All the troubles seem quite taken with the stuff they call the news and fly off in a quiet breeze.

Under the shade of God's green canopy we breathe a breath of joy, and grow to fight another day.

Walking in the garden lifts the weight right off the world.

The birds all sing while time stands still.

When the cool dawn turns to morning all the wind begins to swirl. The Sun will soon replace night's chill.

All of the time we spend enjoying life with nature everywhere

will help us fight another day.

So when the masses turn their backs from the calmness of the creek remember where we all came from.

So when you know that someone needs you,

don't turn the other cheek.

Just take the walk and do what needs done.


Walking in the garden we can see the flowing stream.

While drinking in the air, we smile.

Even clouds add to the wonder. How well they fit this dream. Nature makes it all worthwhile.

Under the shade of God's green canopy we breathe a breath of joy, and live to fight another day.


V-- (C G Dm C)2 Am G Dm7 G


BR-- C-C9 Am-G F G C-C9 Bm7-Em F G