12 Bars Blue

      This is an original, first recorded in 1991ish with a cool slide by Brian Tonart.  It was published by Mello-Dee-O-Dough-Music.  It is here redone with Band in a Box and Cakewalk.  I did bass and vocal. 

       It's a 12-bar blues tune about a guy who loves his jealous girl and ends up going to jail because of a misunderstanding (and apparently a terrible lawyer) for a murder he didn't commit.

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12- Bars Blue

Flight 507 flew in from Dallas.
Sue stepped off crying. She said, "Who's Alice?
I said, "She's just someone who's no one, so don't get so upset.
There's hardly any mem'ry left inside me to forget.
When I miss you, I drink the stew inside these 12 bars... blue."

She said, "Don't tell me you've lost your memory.
I heard the dirt from her husband Henry."
I said, "You don't know what you're saying. Her husband Henry's dead.
Some red-hot barmaid, Dinah, might o' blasted off his head."
She said, "It's true!! So that was YOU when those 12 bars blew."

I daresn't doddle, but doodle little.
I'm fit for bottle, but not for fiddle.
I'm not in shape for haulin' ass, so let those Mounties come.
I'm dining in my glass. You know I'm not just acting dumb.
She told the screws, "I've got good news. He's playin' 12-bar blues.

Judge said my travel he's gonna limit.
When I smell trouble, I double back in it.
My life's a nutshell in a cold cell. I still say, "Alice who?"
There's 12 bars out my window ---and 12 on them, too.
When I miss Sue, I drink to stew, behind those 12 bars. Blue.
I think of Sue, and drink my stew, behind these 12 bars. Blue.

& Mello-Dee-O-Dough-Music