Heaven Only Knows Your Name

      This is an original written many years ago.  When recording this version, I couldn't find the lyrics, so I wrote new ones. 

     It is done here using BiaB and Cakewalk.  I played bass and did the vocal track.

Heaven Only Knows Your Name

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Heaven Only Knows Your Name

Heaven only knows your name. It calls nobody else to blame.
Cryin' out would only hurt your soul, but sometimes you just lose control.
Heed these words and listen to me please: Prayin' isn't always from the knees.
Plant the seed and pray for rain. Heaven only knows your name.

Everybody tells you somethin', but only you can tell it's true.
You can never know for nothin', but everything you do you knew.
Search your soul then look inside for peace. Lose control and then you'll find release.
This will keep the quiet time quite tame cuz N

Sometimes you follow your heart. Sometimes you just lead with your head.
At no time should you ever start to follow all the money instead.
Life is meant to be a living thing. Feel the song and then begin to sing.
The only difference is what stays the same. N

Others seem to run a different race, but no one seems to keep up with the pace.
Take the time to clear their path with yours. Lions love the little lamb that roars.
Everyone is runnin' to some goal, but make sure yours stays deep within your soul.
Winners aren't the ones who cheat the game. N