Take It Or Leave Me

        This is an original song about starting and committing to a relationship.  It's not an ultimatum as much as it is a suggestion.  It's a discussion about the strategies involved in committing to the love between two people, and having that love grow into Forever.  It's about being guided by one thing they will have in common --The Voice Inside.

        It's done here using Band in a Box, Reaper and Cakewalk.  I added the vocal track. 

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Take It Or Leave Me

Listen for the beats between the falling
of a heart in love and when it stops its beat,
and learn to heed the voice inside that's calling
out a warning to keep love in your retreat.

CH: Take it or leave me. Take it or leave me.
Take it from the voice inside that tells you the way.
Nothing that you've done or do adulterates that voice in you.
Take it from you to be with me, my love.

Standing like statue of salvation
is an old soul that my memory knows as Truth,
and etched so deep in my imagination
is a message to remind me of my youth. CH - SOLO

Open up and step inside Forever.
There's a calmness there that takes your breath away.
Then, looking out, we'll both belong together
in a way that only fairytales dare say. CH

REF: You gotta take it or leave me right now.