You Can Never

        This song is... well, I suppose it's a secret.  At least I can never say.

        It's done here using Band in a Box, Reaper and Cakewalk.  I added a bass, vocal, some guitar and some midi for the solo and bridge.

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You Can Never

You can say anything that you want about the nik-nik nasty no-no,

but you cannot go around telling folks you heard this sound

in a foreign caberet show.

There's some feed in the barn and it soon it will be gone, or we'll trade it all for some more seed.

All the cats will gather round cuz you know they love that sound, and it smells like what they need.


You can say anything that you want. You can do anyting that you do.

You can hold back love. You can stomp on my soul.

But you can never, never ever woowoo.


You can take control of turning the wheel and going wherever you go,

but you cannot sneak the ace when it's not your turn to deal,

but don't think that no one would know.

All the days you turn away from the freedom just to stay, are the days at last you'll never need.

There's a saying on your face that is not your saving grace; we know you're guilty of the deed.


My, my. Don't say goodbye. Say you're gonna stick around.

Cry, cry. No alibi. I'll be six feet in the ground.


Last CH: You can say it. Yes, go say it. And you can do it as you please.

You control it. You can unroll it. But you can never...


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