Some Songs

       A song about how music triggers memories.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 11  I added bass and vocals.

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Some Songs

Some songs are overdone and some not done enough.

Some songs are full of hate and some so full of love.

But the songs that still excite my soul

are the ones I sing with you.

Sappy songs with sibilant sounds somehow ring more true.


Memories of the good times we all share

come alive when we hear some songs.

Some songs remind of how our life once used to be.

Some songs will show us signs of what love can foresee.

Padiddle lights on eerie nights, the FM channel on.

We drive around on country roads still singin' our old song.


Some songs are made for us, and some we make ourselves.

Some songs collect no dust, and some sit on the shelves.

But the songs we sing in harmony

are the ones we hold most dear.

Songs bring out the best of life

that mem'ries need to hear.


Memories of the best times of our lives

stay alive when we hear some songs. Some songs.

1stV-- F C F C Am Bb-F Dm Bb-C [2/4]C7

otherVs-- F C F C Am Bb-F F-Dm Bb-C [2/4]C7

CH-- Bb Am Bb C