Fallin' In Love Is Easy

       A song about how the overuse of a word can change its definton. 

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 11.   Bill Davis played the pedal steel guitar, guitar and mandoin, and I added bass, guitar and vocals.

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Fallin' In Love Is Easy


Fall in love. It's easy. You can do it in your sleep.

Transform the dream when you're awake.

It's natural and you're programmed to take that scarey leap.

So look around. That's all it takes.

Fallin' in love is easy when you're in the bar all night,

but stayin' in love is harder than you'd think.

But the going rate of breakups is something of a fright.

Fallin' in love is easy when you drink.

But fallin' off the wagon is another easy drop.

Yet love and drink won't help you rise.

Feelings from your happy place will never let you stop.

So find the drug that brings that prize.

Fallin' in love is easy when you're with someone who's dazed.

Just hang around enough and you'll get by.

All the mindless matches won't last. I know you'll be amazed.

Fallin' in love is easy when you're high.


Love is just another word where meaning has all gone.

Just change it for your current need.

If that's your goal, it's easy. Just drink or light a bong.

Massage the dirt and plant the seed.

But fall in love with someone and the meaning comes alive.

You give your all and reap rewards thereof.

Just throw yourself in heart first, and soon your love will thrive.

Fallin' in love is easy when you're in love.


V-- D7 D7 G7 D7 D7 D7 G7-A7 D7

        G-Bm A G D A7 Em-Bm G-A D


SOLO-- D7 G7 D7 A7 G7 G7 D7 D7 A7  G7  D7  A7