Every Time I Do

        This is an original about giving up --for good. 

        It's done here using Band in a Box, Reaper and Cakewalk.  I added a bass, vocal, and Dave Bell of Blue Attitude added the lead guitar.

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Every Time I Do

Comin' home one night... Or was it early the next day?

...I heard a peppered parakeet singin' songs my way.

She was singing, she was groovin' and I stepped in time to keep in line. Oh yeah.

And I learned her happy dance so I thought I'd take a chance once more with you.

But everytime I do I can still hear you slammin' doors sayin' we're through.


Suddenly the Sun comes up and clouds my happy face.

The sunny day was pushed away, slowin' down my pace.

Then that birdie chased me down and she turned my gloomy frown around to a smile.

When you bounced back to my mind you pushed that parakeet behind somewhere. But she's there,

cuz everytime you do I believe it's true. You don't care that she's there.


BR: I remember you and all the crazy things you'd do to stunt our stride.

Now you walk alone, and you see how much I've grown without you by my side.


Time goes by in time, and it's still without you here.

Your sounds are muffled footsteps, but the budgie's song is clear.

When that bird flew after me, I'll admit I couldn't see her flight that night,

She was singing songs of glee when she circled over me. I sing along so strong.

Everytime I do I sometimes think of you but you're gone. So so long.

Everytime I do I never think of you cuz you're gone. So long.