I Got It

      This is a song about sharing.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10Dave Bell of Blue Attitude played guitars, and I added bass and vocal.

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I Got It


I got it. You can see I got it. I got it. Got it. Got it good.

You want it. I can see you want it. You're wondering if you should.

The time is right for sharin' and I can see you're starin'.

You know what we could.


I got it, and you know I got it. It's something that you know you need.

You'll take it, and I know you'll make it

into something that you'll grow from seed.

Take the words you are givin' and put them in your livin'.

Profess them as your creed.


Satisfy the craving in your heart,

and make it real the way you thought it.

Show the world the truth inside your smile.

Then you know you'll know you got it.


I said it, and I don't regret it. Please take it as it's meant to be.

You know it. Now you gotta show it. Lay it out for all to see.

Take that feeling in your heart, and let it play your part.

You got it. Now show me.

I got it, and I see you got it. We got it. Got it. Got it good.

We'll share it, and on our sleeves we'll wear it.

Pass it on to those we should,

Wear that smile with pride, and show what's inside.

You'll be understood.

Take it where you go, and bring it out to show you got it.

You got it good. Now pass it on.


INTRO-- A7 C#m7 F#m B7

V-- (E7)4 A7 A7 E7 E7 B7 A7 E7 B7

CH-- C#m C#m A E C#m C#m F#m B7