It's Gonna Fall

       A song suggesting nothing lasts forever, especially without care.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 11  I added bass, tambourine and vocals.

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It's Gonna Fall


A structure built on sand cannot withstand the tests of time.

It needs a solid base of strong support.

Truth in what we say is the way to bolster growth

so the world we build will not fall short.


(Or... Then) this house of cards is gonna fall. History says it's true.

The daunting task to rebuild it all falls to me & you.

They broadcast breaking news. But by the time it reaches me

there is so much added on and taken out.

There may be grains of truth mixed within agendas' plans,

but the slant we hear can only breed doubt.


If we want to make our stay on Earth, falsehoods must be shamed.

You cannot throw in your two cents worth and then expect some change.

INTRO-- Gm Dm Cm Gm


V-- Gm Gm Dm Dm Cm Cm Gm Gm

       Gm Gm Dm Dm Eb Eb F F

CH-- Bb Cm Cm Bb B Cm Eb F