Born Today

       This is an original song about how a "we" was born.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10,  with  Dave Bell of Blue Attitude on guitar, and myself adding bass and vocal.  Shigeki Adachi of Animal Records scored and recorded the string arrangement. 

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Born Today

Every time I think of you my mind begins to smile.

I know you're on your way. You're coming home to me.

I'm counting every mile. This time I know you'll stay.


We were born today in every way, and we'll pass the test of time.

You may be out of your mind, some say, but you're never out of mine

We were born as "we" today, and and now we make it last.

Our life as one grows strong.

We've made mistakes, but every test we clearly passed.

So now we sail along.

We were born today from Love's true way.

Our life now tastes so sweet.

We know this feeling will always stay. Together we're complete.


BR: Never would I dream we'd become this perfect team.

Will I wake up soon to find it's not true?

Would there've ever been such joy in this joyous little boy?

Oh, no, never in my life without you.