How Many Blues

      Doug Wolfe came into the jam room one Monday night with lyrics he wrote (compiled he says) from a list of blues songs he found on the Internet.  Our first idea was to write a song where each verse used a different blues style, but that got to be... well, no.  So here is our version.

       It is here done with BiaB and Cakewalk.  I did bass and vocal.

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How Many Blues (can one man use)
lyrics written ("compiled" as he says) by Doug Wolfe

I got the Statesboro Blues, and the Come & Go Blues.
I got them Travelin' Blues, and old Walkin' Blues.
When I get to St. Louie, I'll share their blues
with the ones I bring called the Kansas City Blues. Tell me, N

I got them Country Blues, and the Mississippi Delta Blues.
Got those West Coast Blues, and Chicago Blues, too.
I'm just a man whose shoes got them Travelin' Blues. Tell me how many blues? N

BR: Tomorrow you might be Rockin' Me, Mama,
or you might be On The Road Again
messin' around with my Pride & Joy.
But I'll still be countin'. My blues still a-mountin'. SOLO

I'm the 7th Son Of A Seventh Son, and I can Give Eyesight To The Blind.
I'm a King Bee, baby. Just Shake Your Money Maker that soft and round behind.
You might find yourself Preachin' The Blues. That's fine with me, but tell me how many blues. Tell me N

Black Magic Woman, Give Me Back My Wig.
How Many More Years will you be Messin' With The Kid?
We're Rollin' & Tumblin' with The Black Snake Moan,
but The Sky Is Cryin' All Alone. Please Don't Go; just tell me how many blues.

BR: I got the 3 O'Clock Blues, and I'm In The Mood,
but The Little Red Rooster crowed. The Thrill Is Gone,
So Dust My Broom. I'll Be Your Back Door Man, cuz I Can't Be Satisfied. SOLO

Further On Up The Road I Can't Quit You, Baby.
Reconsider, Baby. Don't give me The Worried Life Blues.
If Trouble Was Money, you'd give me them Stormy Monday blues. But tell me, honey, how many blues. Just N

I'll see you at the Red House down by The Crossroads.
How long will I have The How Long Blues? Cuz N N

& Doug Wolfe