A Sense O' Mia

       A song about a day in the life of a highway patrol officer.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 11  I added bass, tambourine and vocals.

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A Sense O' Mia

I got a call just the other day sayin' someone seemed lost on the coast highway.

I turned the siren on and the message carried on sayin,'

"They're drivin' down the wrong way."

By the time I reached the scene there was little I could do

but stop her in the middle of her lane.

She pulled her window down and turned down the sound. She looked to be insane.


A swirling smoke then spilled from her car. She said, "I'm glad ta see ya."

It was her who called it in. So that's when I got my first sense o' Mia.


She slurred to say she was on her way to the grocery store that sits down by the bay,

Her good friend Marijane would be awfully glad she came but traffic was in her way.

So she dialed 911 to report this troubling scene that was meesin' with her brain.

I calmly tried to say, "You are heading the wrong way.

You need the southbound lane."


Her cellphone rang. It was Marijane who said to bring tequilla.

I asked her to hang up. Then she rattled off some more nonsense o' Mia.

I knew I had enough but she just wouldn't stop.

I pointed to my badge and showed her my handcuffs just to prove I was a cop.


She said she cannot believe her luck. Told me I could escort her in my flashy truck.

I told her where we're bound we need to turn around, That's when I saw the buck.

So I hopped in the cruiser and turned the siren on, but all I got from that was scat.

He lowered a mighty rack, pushed some dirt behind his back,

then poked my tires flat.

A sense o' Mia hung in the air. She waved goodbye, said, "See ya."

A smile on her face, a gleam in her eye, she reeked of sinsamllia.




V-- A A D D E D A E A A7 D B7 E D A E


CH-- D D A F#7 B7 E7 A E


BR-- F# F# B B E E A E