Once I Had A Life

       This is a song about how some guys just shouldn't get married and have kids.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10Janice Meritt & I sang.

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Once I Had A Life


Once I had a life, and then I got a wife, and I was never alone.

She came and brought me joy. We had a little boy.

We made our house our home.


Our little man grew strong, and soon he was all gone.

The "we" became undone.

My wife she didn't care. She wasn't really there.

My life, it had no fun.


I know we once had a life. My son & I would thrive.

But he'd came home things just changed.

He'd get himself a drink, then threw up in the sink.

He never knew our son by name.

As the time ticked by, I looked her in the eye and asked,

"Do you know who I am?'

She said she didn't know, and told me I should go.

I turned away and ran.


Once I had a wife but then got back my life

in this house that once was home.

I like to sit and think, and mix myself a drink --enjoy my time alone. Now my life's my own.


LAST VERSE (other melody): I was his wife, I had no life. He was just drunk all of he time. Now my life's my own.


V--- D G D A D G D-A D

CH--- G Bm Em D G Bm Em-A D