Truth In The Proof

       A song about bringing back our abilities to detect deception.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10  I added bass and vocal.

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Truth Is In The Proof


When you say it like that I cannot detect the truth in what you say.

You're talking out your back and I don't understand.

Veracity you hide away.

There is something in the satifying way you come across

that seems rather sus.

Oh, how can we believe you're such a giving soul who's looking out for us.


Well, the Truth is in the proof they say. We rely on that forsooth.

And all that anybody really knows is belief, but the truth is in the proof.


Everybody seems to think they've got to hide

the truth in how they really feel.

Afraid of how their words can eas'ly be construed

to something they'd rather not reveal.

They're all picking up their leads from those who wield abuse,

from those who cloud the way.

Oh, how can they believe there is truth in what they're told?

In what the selfish say?


You can always tell the truth in lies

when you hear what wasn't said.

When someone tells you lies you can read between the lines

and know the truth instead.

You just look into their eyes and watch their body writhe.

The truth you'll find inside.

Oh, how can they believe they will not be understood.

We'll all know that they lied. Cuz

[We hear their lies and wish it's the truth. They can't disguise the proof.]

I-- Gm Gm F C


V-- (Gm Gm F F)2 Am Am Bb Bb Gm Gm C C.


CH-- F F Gm Gm C7 C7 F C..


SOLO-- Dm7 Dm7 Gm Gm Gm Gm C C