Save It!


          This song is another plea for the good folks of this planet to gather together and do what is necessary to save our planet for our progeny.  Of course,we'll have to save ourselves from ourselves first.

          It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10 Dave Bell of Blue Attitude played guitar and added the harmony in the outro.  I added bass and vocals.

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Save It

Looking out on the water, there is something floating on top.

Oh, where did we let go wrong? And how do we make it all stop?

We can taste all our careless neglect in every dewdrop.

Save it from total destruction. Afterall we are what we drink.

It's time for a toxic reduction. Save our life from the brink.

Look around at our forests. They're laying in waste on the ground.

Oh, Earth will survive us or will it? Will humans still be around?

We need to gather as one for the cause for life to rebound.

Save it from covetous grabbers, who selfishly think Earth's their toy.

All of this life really matters. Let's leave it for all to enjoy.


END REF: Save it. Save it. We need to change this planet's fate.

We gotta save it for others to come. Save it before it's too late.

Save it. Please.