Hold My Hand

       A song about being there.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 11  I added bass, keys and vocals.

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Hold My Hand

Hold my hand when the day is drawing near its end,

and stand by me when you feel you need a friend.


When you're down and out and feel there's no where you can turn, turn to me,

my friend, your friend

I'll be there to help you through those times,

and help you see just who you are.

When you feel you can't go on, and you need someone

to pull you through the day okay,

Okay, I'll be happy just to hold you, give you my support,

and chase your blues away.


Life will test your fortitude, your resolve to clear a path

through this maze of craze some way.

Call on me to help you draw the line,

and give you what you need to win.

If you fall and need a lift,

I'll be there to lend support and help you keep your stride aright.

I'll stay by your side to help you,

walk with you awhile to keep your goal in sight.


LO: Hold my hand when you need somone. Call me whe you...

HI: Call when you need me. I will be listening.

You're not alone, and it's not the end.

So I am here for you. Just call when you...


CH-- F C G Am F C G C


V-- C C G G Am Am G G

       C C G G F Am G C