This is an original, first recorded in 1991ish.  It was published by Mello-Dee-O-Dough-Music.  It is here redone with BiaB and Cakewalk.  I did bass and vocals. 

       It's a tune written about all of the cool rides on backroads in our area.  My job had me going to many houses in "the country", and I would always enjoy the twisting ride back to my honey.  Many times we would just take a ride to enjoy them together.

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Backroads where we used to take our rides.
Backroads with the trees on either side.
You can get lost and you'd never know you're on the wrong trail
'cuz every antiques store has kindness on sale -or give away,
I'm on my way back home

Backroads go from Nowhere to No Time.
Backroads, croocked miles, but all one line.
Many cows are there to greet you while they manufacture milk,
and home-spun maidens seat you then go back to patchwork quilts
on their laps. On them old backroads.

CH: You know I'm on my way back home to you on them old backroads.
I'm winding down that trail back home to you on them old backroads.
Back home on old backroads.


Backroads, a cool breeze whispers in the trees.
Backroads can coax the lamb inside o' me.
With every twisted turn the car takes I know I can hardly wait
cuz just like backroads winding through the hillside like a snake
I'm home to you on them old backroads.

When getting lost they calmly just reward me with another turn.
I take the wrong turn, yet I always end up on the right road back to you
on old back roads. Back home... on old back roads.

& Mello-Dee-O-Dough-Music