You Can Always Say Baby

       This is an original song about trying to find the right words, but running into misinterpretation.  It's told from a lyricist point of view. 

        It's done here using Band in a Box, Reaper and Cakewalk.  I added a bass and vocal. 

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You Can Always Say Baby


I went down to the studio and asked for Lear-Rick Jack.

They told me that he had to go, and don't expect him back.

I said, "I only need one line and Jack once said to me,

'When looking for that rhyme, I can always say baby.'" What'd he say?


CH: You can always say "baby" if you run out of rhymes,

If it's driving you crazy and you're wasting your mind.

Don't bother looking for that tag on the line. N Baby


I hurried home to write it down; I knew I might forget.

But stopped to see ol' Lucy Brown and Musk-o'-Tell her pet.

And this is what she said to me when I dropped by to call,

"If ya never gonna ring, baby, then do nothing else at all." She said...


CH: "You can always say, 'Baby, I just run out of dimes,'

cuz your lying won't phase me. I've heard all your lines.

Don't bother knockin' on my door cuz you'll find

you can sometimes say, 'Baby's just fine'."


BR: Soon I bumped into ol' Lear-Rick Jack, at McDougal's singing rounds.

I said, "I'm glad to see your back, but won't you kindly turn around?"

I asked him what the heck he meant when he said to say baby.

And his eyes went wide and his head was bent when Jack gazed back at me. SOLO


He spoke. "No. No. No. No. No. Oh, no. That's not quite what I said

Now listen to me slow, and sink this in your head:

when looking for your rhyme, you search from A to Z.

If you want to stress the time, you can always add 'baby'." Baby,


CH: You can always say baby at the end of the line

if your drummer's just lazy and he's messin' the time

Don't bother bookin' on that ragman to rhyme.

You can always say baby one time."


CH: Oh, I can always say baby when I run out of limes

cuz you're driving me crazy. I'm wastin' my mind.

Don't bother askin' cuz I'll tell ya I'm fine. N, baby. N, baby. N Baby.