Wrong To Write

       In this song it seems the singer wrote a nasty-gram to his significant other who left him for another. But then he had time to think about it, and now wishes he could take it back and just get their relationship back on track. I'm not sure the meaning will come out in the lyrics. It's a conversation between two and we are not one of them.  We are, however, invited to listen to his lament.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 9,  and myself adding bass and vocal.

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Wrong To Write

You stood by my side until the day he took you away.
I can see now that you lied when you told me you would stay.
Every night I go to sleep alone. Every day I just wait for night.
I regret those words I was so wrong to write.

I sat with pen in hand, then started writing without a thought.
In truth I had to take a stand to regain the love you brought.
I'll never understand what it meant to you if you could throw it all away.
I was wrong to write. I just want you to stay.

If I could take it back could I get you back? Would you stay right by my side?
I was in a mood when I wrote to you. Please forgive my foolish pride.
If I could take it back would you take me back? Would you make it all alright?
I want to take it back. I was so wrong to write. I want to take it back. I was so wrong to write.