Let's Try Some Blues

      This is an original written for no reason other than I can't stop this.  It is done here using Band in a Box and Cakewalk.  Dave Bell played the solo, and I did the bass and vocals.  Dave also replaced the drums with EZDrummer, and mixed it.

     It's a song about a guy who fell into The Blues when his girl left him (probably at a quarter to three and she was carrying a matchbox full of clothes).  He finally rose like a phoenix and embraced his new-found love.  The Blues.     

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Let's Try Some Blues

It's a cold and lonely night, and nothing's going right.

I can still hear the slammin' of the door.

No matter what I do my mind cries out for you.

So why can't it be just like before?

There's nothin' I have tried that keeps you by my side.

I've nothin' left so N


The blues has been that friend I'll count on till the end.

When all else fails she never fails to please.

I come on home alone with no time for the phone,

but the blues will bring me swooning to my knees.

When things go wrong all day, I crawl on home to say,

"I need good news so N."  SOLO


BR: All it takes is nights alone home cryin'

while listening to all those lonesome blues

to bring out the fact that I'm not dying.

So who cares what else I have to lose?


I wake up now each day, and let the blue mood stay.

It gets me through chaotic don'ts and dos.

It sits inside my soul right next to rock and roll,

and keeps me right in spite of all I lose.

My smile now spreads good cheer when music's in my ear.

So now I say N


END: If I see you on the street just staring at your feel,

if you're swaying without sufficient booze,

I'll bring you to my room to wipe away the gloom by saying N