Give Me Something

       A song about bringing help to the homeless.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10Dave Bell of Blue Attitude played guitars, and I added bass and vocal.

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Give Me Something

Give me something I can hold on to. Give me something for my hope.

My life is losing ground, and I'm drowning in the tears

that are sliding down this slippery slope.

But this feeling in my heart tells me I can get back up i

f you stretch out a helping hand.

Give a brother something to help him live a life.

Help a brother up to stand.

Give me something. Help me. Give me anything.

You have so much more to give.

Give me what you can. I hope you understand.

I just need your help to live.

Give me lovin'. I could use good lovin'. Lovin' seems to make me whole.

You know I need a lift, and your lovin' brings new life

as it reaches to my very soul.

Bring that feeling to my heart. Tells me I can get back up

when you stretch out your loving hand.

You can change my life now. Please chase away the clouds.

I just want to understand.


Give me something. Help me. Give me anything. You have so much love to give.

Give me what you got. I know you got a lot. I just need some love to live.


Bad days. Out all night. Sleeping underneath the bitter cold.

Someone said it's nice, but that can't be right.

The food I eat is mostly made of mold.

running out of line while I'm slowing down the pace.

Bring me back into the fold.