Did He Ditty Do?

       This one is about the little ditty that di'n't.  I played bass and sang.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10  I added bass and vocals.

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Did He Ditty Do?


I met Joe Twitty in the city. He said he wrote a little ditty.

I took it to by boss where music's often lost.

He looked at me and asked, "Well, did he?"

I said, "It's sure to be a hit. And it's gonna make us very rich."

He said, "Bring him back. We'll make a demo track. He'll sign the rights away."


Well, Joe was thrilled and quick to sign it. He bought a purse and hoped to line it.

He asked for five percent. He had to pay his rent.

I told him that my boss couldn't find it.

He said that that was still okay. He knew his hit was bound to pay.

He said, "Let's go on and make this demo song. I trust your music boss."


BR: I turned and looked and Joe, and said, "I have to know.

Your reputations strong, but I could be all wrong.

How does your giddy ditty go? "Listen again, my friend.

'Did he ditty do? Did he ditty don't? Did he? Did he? Did he ditty do?

Did he do for you? Did he do or won't? Did he? Did he ditty do?'"

Like that?

Release was wrong for just one reason: it wasn't did-he-ditty season.

The record took a loss. They pink-slipped my boss.

The moneybelt was tightly squeasin'.

It failed and really broke our hearts. It never even made the charts

Joe Twitty moved away. There's nothin' left to say because his ditty di'n't.



V-- Bb Bb Eb Eb Bb Bb Eb F

Bb F Gm F Eb F Bb F


BR-- Eb Eb Bb Bb Eb Eb F F...


Ditty1-- Eb7-Ab7 Dd7-Gb7 B7-E7 Bb Bb-Gm Ab-Eb7 Cm-F Bb Bb..

Ditty2-- Eb-Bb F-Dm Gm-Eb F Ab-Eb Bb-Gm Cm-Ab Bb