The Windows OF Your Worries

      This song suggests that worries often wastes potentially precious moments in one's life, and we need to rescue each other from such pitfalls. 

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10.  I added some fretless bass in the bridge and vocals.

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The Windows Of Your Worries


Are you there by the window now? Can you see what's right outside?

Is there someone waiting patiently in whom you can confide?

Is it someone who'll be there for you? Someone you can trust?

Someone to love and care for you, and turn your woes to rust?


The windows of your worries (are the doorways to what's true) (can reveal a calming clue) (look out clear to what is true).

The windows of your worries are there to see you through

--and see through you, too.


Come a little closer now. You can feel the strength in two.

You'll begin to clear your mind and learn to sift through what is true.

You will see that life is so much more than things you cannot change,

Togetherness defeats the worst concerns and fears it tames.


Free yourself through the open windows

that surround your house of pain.

Unloose the binds that tie disquiet and quiet still remains.


Do you see me too?