See You In The Morning Tonight

        This is an original song about waffling between breaking up and not beaking up.  The verses are minor blues angsting about the relationship and thinking it should end.  The choruses are a major poppy feel, hoping that it continues.  The bridge is maybe more of a dream.

       It's done here using Band in a Box, Reaper and Cakewalk.  I added bass and vocals.  and Dave Bell of Blue Attitude Music adds some guitar.

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See You In The Morning Tonight


Every time you say there's no disaster __oooo it's all you say

When we move along we're going faster __oooo i wanna stay

But the feeling in my gut says we're moving in a rut. That's when I kneel down to pray.


CH: I'll see you in the morning tonight, and know till then it'll be alright.

I'm coming home before the day's first light. I'll see you in the morning tonight.


Something in your smile says we'll never make it __oooo I'll grant ya that

Why in all this mess should we ever fake it? __oooo So where we at?

We both know there's nothing wrong. We just fail to get along. That's when we kneel down to pray. CH


BR: You can never say goodbye when all I ever do is try is hold on to you

If you feel the need to flee then know that I will always be right here for you


3rd V: Stepping up the pace there's no time for keeping face. So let us not erase emotion.

We cannot throw away all the fun we had just when things are gettin' bad.

So now we need to grab devotion.

__Let me hear you say... CH