I'm In It For The Minute

        This is an original song about how Rock 'n' Roll --music in general-- satisfies our primal desire for elation.  Well, actaully I'm not sure what it's about, but I now use that description after reading the lyrics I wrote.  It's up to  your interpretation. One thing I'm sure of is that when I added "I'M In It" to the working title of For The Minute, I got another minute.  Hear it?

        It's done here using Band in a Box, Reaper and Cakewalk.  I added bass and vocals.

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I'm In It For The Minute

CH: I'm in it for the minute. I'm in it for the rock and roll.

I'm in it 'cause you're sending it to me. Tryin' to be neighborly to save my soul.


Can't you see that I love you? Don't you know that it's true?

I like special somethings on Sundays, like sundaes on Sundays and you.

Like the cherry on the whipping, there's the ice in the cream,

So step outside of your slumber, and stare back into your dream. See me? CH


Down the road there's a fire burning out of control.

They're burning all of them lost ol' souls that don't dig rock and roll.

Make a break to relieve them. Teach them all the 3 chords.

Then give each one a pink Cadillac, and let them fill in these words because CH


BR: Baby, don't ya hear the music? Don't it make ya wanna dance?

Rock 'n' Roll is more than music.

It takes this certain feelin', mixes in the reelin',

at times it twists you right into a trance. SOLO


Situation seeming hopeless? Well, RnR is all ya need

to satisfy that savage soul who sows such sickly seed.

Still the beast deep inside us --the one we met in paradise.

So stay right here beside yourself, and Rock 'n' Roll will suffice. Sing this: CH