Someone Said Whiskey


          A song about growing up while keeping laughter in your life.         

It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10 I added bass and vocal, and had a very special guest tellng me to close the shade.

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Someone Said Whiskey


When I was younger I laughed all the time.

I didn't care for nuthin', and I was just fine.

But they made me grow up, and I had to pay.

All of the fun stuff was taken away. But then


CH: Someone said whiskey and I heard the call.

They passed me a bottle and I drank it all.

We drank to our troubles till quarter to three.

Someone said whiskey and whiskey called me.


Next day I woke up and swam through my room.

I went to the closet to fetch me a broom.

I cleaned up the worst slipp'ry mess that we made.

I couldn't see much, so I rasied the shade. "Close that!"


Someone said whiskey. We gathered around.

They passed me the bottle, and I drank it down.

We drank to our troubles and set them all free.

Someone said whiskey and whiskey saved me.


[Well, they say with age comes wisdom. I don't know nuthin' about that.

But I DO know that all my drinkin' buddies started dying off.

So I got to thinking, "Maybe I gotta quit this drinkin'."

You know, get on with some easy llivin'.]


Now that I'm older I laugh all the time.

I care less for whiskey cuz ice tea's just fine.


Someone said whiskey. I said what's the point.

They drank from the bottle while I smoked a joint.

We laughed without troubles. The day was complete.

Someone said whiskey but I was asleep –dreaming of my horseshoe, Lucky.


I-- A E A A

V-- D D G Em C C A A

D7 D7 G E9 A7 A7 D-D# E

CH-- A A E E D D A A A A E D A E A A