She's The One

       This song is in reply to someone who asked me why I always have a smile on my face like George Burns and Joe Riillo.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10  I added bass and vocal.

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She's The One


You maybe wonder why all the time I wear this big smile on my face.

Well, I'm such a happy guy becasue she's the one in my embrace.

She's the one who'll be there when the going gets tough.

We'll face our fate when it comes.

Whenever I need a boost of support, you know she's the one.


You know that she's my soul.

She's the one who takes all my breath away.

She's the one who makes me whole and I'm forever going to say,

She's the one who'll stay with me through thick and thin,

the one who makes life more fun.

If ever you can see a light in my life, you know she's the one

who turns me on.


Maybe someday soon you will find for yourself

a special one to bring out your smile.

Then let go all else, leave behind all your wealth,

and live out your life down Love's aisle.

Eliminating strife from your world you need to seek some selfless soul

to make a better life where you can let your smile take control.

She's the one who does it for me every time.

She shines more brightly than the Sun.

If ever you can see a light in my life, you know she's the one...

Oh, she's the one.


INTRO-- E G#7 C#m B


V-- E G#7 C#m A-B E G#7 A B7

       C#m B A B C#m B F#m B7


BR-- A B A B G#m C#m F#m B