I Know Blues

      This is an original song written a long time ago, but resurrected and revised relatively recently.  I remembered the tune but couldn't find the words, so I wrote new ones.  It's about a guy who promises to change his drunken ways if only his significant other will come home.  He took the first step by realizing he's lost without her.

       It is done here with Dave Bell of Blue Attitude on guitar.  I did bass and vocal.  The rest is Band in a Box, Reaper and Cakewalk.  

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I Know Blues

I can't go on with what's been goin' on.
I need you here, but I can see you're gone.
Tell me you're comin' back. Baby, please don't refuse
'cuz ever since you're gone... well, I know I know blues.

The other night, I hear we had a fight.
I don't recall, but know it must be right
because I feel so lost, which means I had to lose.
Well, now I'm lost and lonely, and I know I know blues.

BR: Tell me it's all a bad dream and I can wake up now
to make us some coffee and cream and jelly biscuts, too.
We could go back to bed and take our slow, sweet time to make up now.
Let's go on with loving ways 'cuz I know I know you.


I'll give up drinkin' and make you my drug.
I'm tired of sleeping on this (dirty) (filthy) rug.
I want to walk you home (if I can find my shoes)(even without shoes).
I wonder why you had to wander, but I know I know blues. BR - SOLO2

3rdV + My gloomy weather's always under, 'cuz I know I know blues.
I know that lighting looks like thunder and I know I know blues.