This One's For The Road

       A song of life --or for life.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10  I added bass and vocal.

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This One's For The Ride


Can you tell me something that makes you want to sing?

We can write a song about it.

It'll be for you and me, cuz ya see that's the thing.

No one else we know will care.

It'll be the greatest song that no one ever hears.

It could cure the ills of life and bring clowns down in tears.

Just another piece of life with you by my side.

This one's for the ride.


We can go on living and loving while we sing.

We will never be without it.

We will sing our way along through what our life will bring. Every note we sing we'll share.

It'll be the greatest song to sing when we grow old,

It'll be our music score for the greatest story told.

It will be the melody that keeps us in stride.

This one's for the ride.


I know there's more to life, and you know it too.

Music has a way to help us through.

It's so much better living life side by side. This one's for the ride.


END: It will be our number one that only we will play.

We will play it everywhere and every single day.

It will keep us cold or warm depending on the tide.

This one's for the ride.


I-- G Am C D

V-- G C G D G Am C D

Bm D Am G Bm C-G Am D

BR-- C Bm-Bm Am G Bm Am-Am C D