My, My

       Had this crazy melody and some lyrics in my head.  They came from the usual place --wherever that is.  I could tell it had to be Dixieland, and BiaB was more that ready to accomodate.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10.  I added bass and vocals.

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My, My

My, my, oh, my, my. I can't lie for your alibi.

You'll just have to satisfy the time that's due.

You say, "That's okay. I'm not busy anyway.

All my debts I gotta pay for crimes. That's true."


Boo-hoo, you drew a clue. Now you know just what to do

as your life is going through this change. You'll see.

Oh, no, just take it slow. Don't get lost in the undertow.

All the weeds forever grow in rains so free.


CiCi, she can see all the glee that's surrounding me.

She knows they will set you free from wrong. That's right.

Bye-bye. Don't you cry. Wipe those tears from your crying eyes. All the days you'll realize are long. Good night.