Sea A Of Blues

      This is an original song, a precursor to Doug Wolfe's How Many Blues, about a guy being overwhelmed by his blues.  It's one of those "Oh, yeah... you think YOU got the blues?" kind of things.  Well, he's well over his head in the Sea Of Blues.

       It is done here using BiaB and Cakewalk.   I played bass and sang the vocal track.

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Sea Of Blues

Let's play this game so we can see how love lies.
I see ya comin' then you close your eyes.
Oh, honey, spin around with a blindfold and booze.
Ya gotta stand on my shoulders to see the Sea Of Blues.

Look out a long, long way, and let your heart fly.
I'm busy takin' out this plank in my eye.
Oh, baby, I'm no fool but ya coulda fooled me.
(You) could even drown on my shoulders when the blue sea's deep.

BR: See the Sea Of Blues, and hold your head high. So high.
In the Sun you lose where the ocean meets the sky.
Come back again, but don't be so shy the next time.
You'll have a friend. Same face, same line.


Sleep here is saf'ty and I'll go see what's up
and if I don't get back, you've seen me enough.
Remember, I'm around and there's nothin' to lose.
But Nothin' can get lost in... lost in the Sea Of Blues.

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