P, B & J

        This is an original song about some wonderful music I found on the Internet, and how good it makes you feel to hear it.  You'll hear of Janice & Bud Merritt, Floyd Jane, Peter Fulham, Tommy Adams, Scott Collingwood and Ray Cochran and yu'll  be glad you did.

       It's done here using Band in a Box, Reaper and Cakewalk.  I added vocals. 

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P, B & J


When you're on the Internet just soaking up some sounds

just point your browser to this lovely music site I found.

You'll be swept away from all your worries and your cares.

There's good in life so let us not despair.

When things go wrong you'll say, "P, B & J. Give me a song, P, B & J"


Starting out in bluegrass fields they swiftly branched right out

to fields of blues and greens and things and biking all about.

They brought in Floyd to fill a void, and, man, did he arrive.

Go check them out. Their music's so alive.

To brighten up your day: P, B & J. "Give me a song, P, B & J"


Peter came aboard and once again they soared, singing songs and playing their own way.

Music old and new, something bold or blue, it will all brighten up your day.


Tommy Adams, Scott Collingwood, and Ray C. all join in.

There's gonna be good music there, so let the fun begin.

All in all they have a ball recording what they hear,

and that you'll see is music to your ear.

When things go wrong you'll say, "P, B & J. Give me a song, P, B & J"

Life will be okay with P, B & J.  So go out and play P, B & J