There are many songs I played with others that are on the Internet somewhere.  Most of them are likely to be found here with links to their songs.


Blue Attitude, a band feturing Dave Bell on guitar and Chris Spruit on vocals.

Home Broken World  
For You Alone In A Crowd  
On The Run Summertime  
Good Times Roll Walk The Walk  
I Fell For A Dream Coast Of Sadness  
High Pass Never Enough  
For Heaven's Sake Take That Ride  
The Sage BackTo Life  
Shadow Dancer The Note  
Rhythm Of The Road No Time For The Blues
Blue Guitar Midnight Romp  
Cry A River Always Meet Twice  
The Mighty River Train Train  
Winter Memories The Measure Of A Man  
Sensitive Kind    

Althought Dave Bell has some tunes as a single act, they are subsumed in the above list because he is Blue Attitude.  These are songs that Chris Spruit did as a single act on which I played.  Dave is on many, of course.
Minor Chords Independently Blue Highest High
Red Wine Addicted To Life Life Sway
Danny O    

I've played with Joe Cigan many times and places over the years.  Here are some of those experiences.
Car Boy (live) Home (live) The Line (live)
Live set at Cultural Center Live at Damien's On The Lake Live at Damien's 2
The Same The Line Last Call
Them Blues There For You On The Chop
Car Boy Camp Street Home

One of Joe Cigan's good friends, Joe Tosolt, recorded some songs with me under the name Blue Mountain Stone.

When I Fly I, Miss New Orleans, And You All I Want...*
When I Fly* Captain Bob's Guitar* Archetect Of Love*
When I Fly*-2 Skin And Bones* If I Fell Down*
Sunday's Finest* Talk To You Myself* Crosslegged...
So In Love* Let's Say You Knew* Packing Up*
(WWRNIA) Walmart Here* Sweet* Tombstone Girl
Going Wrong Song There's No Sweet No More

Next up is Dr. Buddy Love, aka Bill Davis.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love Oh Las Vegas Willin'
Good Feeling To Know    

Another long-time friend, Brian Tonart (there's also a lot of songs on with Brian & I in Blues' Branches

Everytying Must Go Sober House Blues Paths To Recovery

others I found

Meta Sin Try To Get A Little PieceOf Life The FREEZE
Don't Look Away    

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