Blue Monger

       A song that shows the difference between The Blues and having the blues.

       It is presented here with Band in a Box, Reaper, Cakewalk, and Ozone 10  Dave Bell of Blue Attitude played the guitar, and I added bass and vocal.

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Blue Monger

Everyone in town had their faces on the ground.

A once contagious cat had brought them blues.

They called for help at once with no reply.


The sheriff seemed annoyed, but the mayor was overjoyed.

He 911ed a friend about the news.

The assasin came at once to purify.

The Blue Monger came to town to spread the truth.

He said, "The way you're all feeling down is not The Blues. (They're more like this.)


The whole town came around with the Blue Monger's sound.

They bounced right back to life and all was good.

The mayor made sure to raise himself in praise.

The Blue Monger tipped his hat at the old town cat, and said

"When you're feeling blue, it's not The Blues."


I--- Em Am Em Em

V--- Em Am Em Em Am Am Em Em

C7 B7 Em B7

CH--- Am Am Em Em B7 B7 Em B7